There are 2 words to describe this past week of my professional life.  Busy and overwhelming.  Never one to shy away a from a challenge, I think that in putting together my DPM Fitness Calendar I faced my biggest yet.  I had this tiny little idea a while back after being inspired to write this post.  Over the last 6-12 months I’ve spent a lot of time really trying to get to know my social media audience more than I ever had before.  Not that I’d taken it for granted but as I’m sure is understandable, trying to get to know nearly 5 million accounts globally isn’t a simple task and can sometimes become a bit of a blur.  But by replying to DM’s, meeting some of you at events and reading everyday comments or tweets I saw one common thread.  Most people just want a little guidance – myself included.  There are many things in life I certainly do not have figured out, but one thing I’ve always been certain of was my training routine and what is does for me not just physically but also mentally.

I 100% feel better when I’m in a routine with my exercise, at the start of this year I made a pledge to myself that I would aim for 3 workout sessions per week.  I soon started teaching at FitClub and training people like @ropesof holland on a regular basis where I always do at least 80% of those sessions so my tick list of 3 per week was well and truly being completed.  My guidance was created for me I guess you could say.  However, I think it’s hypocritical for those people who preach about exercising all the time yet are PT’s or work in a fitness space so they’re surrounded by it all the time.  Most of the time when it comes to exercising, motivation is a big factor. Let’s be honest, if you don’t want to do something, the you just wont. Simple.  But I wanted to know how I could crack that and get people moving, not for any specific goal other than to move more because our mind and body needs to.

And so was born the DPM Fitness Calendar. I realised that I had so much workout content either on YouTube and/or my website but telling people to go there every so often isn’t going to have much of an effect.  So I wanted to make something that people could visualise and that was so do-able people could perhaps even get excited about exercising. Sat whaaaaaa?!

To me, the calendar is about creating a community of people who want to move more but just need what I mentioned earlier – guidance.  It’s not for people who’s goal is to be ‘perfect’ because what even is that?!  It’s not weight loss not fat loss focused, its sole focus is to get people moving and give them a little advice on how to integrate working out into their current lifestyle.  It also gives just enough nutrition information to enable you to make sure you’re fuelling your body with all the healthy stuff without banning any of the other yummy stuff!

This years Fitness Calendar was a success that I hope to do something similar in the future but until then make sure to watch the videos and try out the recipes to help you #TrainLikeADancer

Please email if you have any trouble receiving your Calendar.


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