All words by Em Ricketts

I don’t know about you, but I’m very aware of how my Instagram feed can make me feel. One minute you can be scrolling through without a care in the world, the next you can see an image from somebody or something that can instantly change that. With millions of users on Instagram, it’s difficult to find your flow when it comes to those you follow. But with the amount of hours we spend scrolling, it’s important to make sure our feed’s feeding us with what we need – stuff that makes us feel good. So, here are my top tips:


Finding people to follow who actually make you feel good, can almost be as tough as unfollowing those who don’t. A great place to start would be to look at people that do make you feel fab, and start looking at people they engage with and follow. Chances are, they surround themselves with people that make them feel good, so chances are even higher that they’ll probably make you feel pretty good too. It’s not to say your feed has to be cultivated with people who don’t challenge you a little, but more to check in with yourself and make sure they’re motivating you for the right reasons. There’s a big difference between making you feel inspired and making you feel inadequate.


It sounds bad, but it really doesn’t have to be! If you’re following somebody that doesn’t make you feel good, ultimately – you shouldn’t be following them. Un-following them doesn’t have to be something nasty, you’re simply saying “your vibe isn’t quite working for me right now” – and that’s ok. So, exercise your adult ability to unsubscribe a little more liberally. Re-evaluate who you follow and why you follow them. If they’re constantly making you feel a pang every time they pop up in your feed, chances are it’s not the best content to constantly be consuming. Put yourself first, and filter out the people who don’t make you feel fab. Simple.


As fantastic as a feed full of like minded go-getters can be, it’s also important to remember to un-plug from time to time. I know I can find this quite tricky sometimes, and there’s always that sense that you’re missing out. But truthfully, if you’re always on your phone you’re missing out on so much more. The one routine I’ve really stuck to is not opening Instagram as soon as I wake up and scrolling through everybody’s highlight reel before I’ve even got out of my jammies!  Mainly because, it’s likely that Miranda’s already managed to hit a spin class, have a homemade slice of avocado on toast and get ready for work looking like Beyonce whilst I’m yet to make it from the bed to the bathroom. So, my morning routine is: alarm off, walking clothes on. I head out for a 45 minute walk with my dog and the only thing I plug into is a great podcast. The dream!

That being said, I think Instagram can often be criticised when it comes to the negative impact it can have on mental health. But, I equally feel that if you use it in the right way, it can also be of great benefit. Surrounding yourself with people that inspire you, challenge you and cherish what you cherish can be a wonderful environment to be in. A safe space to share, create, and leave you feeling fulfilled rather than inadequate.

So, fill your feed like you do your belly – with good stuff that makes you happy.

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