Procrastination.  We all do it. Some more so than others.  Personally I think being self employed and in a free lance job is the worst for avoiding what needs to be done.   You’re your own boss and manage to come up with a lot of excuses as to why something can ‘wait til later on’ or ‘isn’t important enough to do right now’.  If you struggle with staying focused and dedicated to the task at hand, whatever it might be, hopefully these tips can help you get sh*t done.



It sounds bizarre because if you’re exercising then you’re obviously not doing the work that you should be concentrating on.  However, I have found that if I need to focus on something, by doing a workout before hand it gets my brain into the right frame of mind.  Exercise is all about discipline, if you can get through a class or workout without giving up or getting distracted then it sets your mind up to continue that throughout the day and stay motivated to the task in hand.  It also helps if you’re a restless procrastinator, the type that avoids doing work by wandering around your house or being a bit fidgety. Read about the other benefits of exercise in this post here.


Lists have become my favourite thing over the last year or two.  I’m constantly buying notebooks and my friend often buy them for me a birthday or Christmas gifts because they know I love jotting things down.  I’ll write ideas, to do lists. Anything that comes into my head that I want to remember.  I also have a separate notebook specifically for my ‘to do’ list when it comes to work.  I try to fill it out each night before I go to bed or whilst I’m sat on the sofa watching TV and note down things in priority order for what I HAVE to do the next day.  Projects with a close deadline go at the top of the list and then I work my way down to content that I want to create but that isn’t a sponsored project or of great urgency. My favourite notebooks are from here & here.


Mobile phones are the enemy when it comes to procrastinating.  They are the perfect way to escape from responsibility and motivation as you can get lost in social media, games or just end up texting or calling friends to see ‘what’s up?’  Try turning your phone onto airplane mode for 30 mins to 1 hour so you don’t get any unwanted distractions and your reward for getting through the allotted time is that you can have a cup of tea and 5 minute phone break once you’ve done some work.  Watch those messages flood in when you connect back with the world (hopefully!)


Try planning a ‘work date’ with a friend.  Explain to them that you have a tendency to ‘fall off the wagon’ into a world of procrastination and that they have to tell you off and make sure you’re focused if it starts to happen whilst you’re both working together.  It can work vice versa too, you can be the voice of authority and give them a telling off if they end up get distracted and you’ll find that neither one of you will want to get told off so you’ll just end up doing what you’re meant to!

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