All words by Issy Hoffman
Tis’ the season to be happy and healthy
Christmas is fast coming around and while you may be rushing to buy your last Christmas
presents or the best turkey to feed 20 people, people can often get sucked up into the news
headlines of how to not put on weight or how many calories are really on your plate. Instead
of this, I want to share my top tips on how to have a merry Christmas and stay happy and
healthy over the festive season.


If you want to eat something, try not to restrict yourself. However, there is a difference
between moderation and binging. Try not to eat just because it is there, whereas if there is a
specific food you have been looking forward to eating, eat it and enjoy every mouthful!
Likewise, leading a balanced lifestyle occurs all year, but it doesn’t stop or start at Christmas.
Eat nutritiously, but also treat yourself. Why not get in the kitchen and bake some sweet
treats instead of shop buying, you can involve your children and make some healthier
Try making these Christmas treats in your kitchen so you know exactly what’s in them (and it’s  lot more fun than supermarket shopping!)


Take time and appreciate what you are eating. It’s not every day your nan makes her famous
apple crumble, so sit down, turn over your phone and enjoy your food. Think about your
body and stop eating when you’re full. This means eating when you’re hungry, and not just
because you have to.


You do not have to go to the gym every day to work off what you’ve eaten, instead go for a
mindful family walk with the children and dogs. This gets you outside in fresh air, as well as
getting some gentle exercise while in great company.
Need some help getting motivated?  Try this workout to start you off.


Drinking water and keeping hydrated allows your body to not retain water, and also prevent
the dreaded hangover. Keeping well rested over the Christmas period is vital, as sleep allows
your body to rest, and surprisingly minimal sleep can lead to sugar cravings and increased


If you’re going to drink alcohol, why not swap your lemonade mixer for a soda water or your
dark liquor for a light one. Even better, to reduce that likely hangover, try and have a glass of
water in between each alcoholic beverage. One of my biggest tips, if you are drinking make
sure you replenish yourself with nutritious foods the next day as your body will be very
dehydrated in both water, macronutrients and micronutrients!


While the food is delicious, tasty and out of this world, I want you to remember what
Christmas is really about. When I think of Christmas I always think of the people. Christmas
is a time for laughing over your granddad doing the floss, or seeing your niece ride her bike
for the first time. Try not to get too caught up in the calories and instead live in the moment.
You’ll thank yourself later.
Merry Christmas from your DPM Family!

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