5 Facial Oils You Need For All Skin Types


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The idea of applying a face oil onto skin has always been a little backwards to us.  Whether your skin is oily or dry, oil still seems like the last thing you would want to apply, most of us with dry skin would think to reach for a generous slather of a thick, creamy moisturiser.  However, over the last few years face oils have been back with an incredibly strong vengeance and I have to admit it, my initial thoughts on face oils may have been (most definitely were) wrong.

OK so now we know that face oils are actually a saviour for skin, now it’s time to whittle down to the finest out there and use the one that’s perfect for your skin in order to get that gorgeous glowing skin that you oh so rightly deserve.

If you have…

OILY SKIN: You need oils that won’t clog your pores. Examples of these types include Argan, Rosehip and Almond.

DRY SKIN: You want to look for an oil that can help strengthen the skins barrier to prevent it drying out.  Anything with Sunflower Oil in is a winner.

ACNE PRONE SKIN: Oils with the super ingredient Salycilic Acid is a winner if you have problematic skin, it’s also probably better to lean towards the oils that are more for oily skin as they have non clogging properties in it that will help keep your skin as clean and hopefully clear as possible.

COMBINATION SKIN: This can sometimes be the most confusing as you literally have no idea what your skin needs until you wake up in the morning and unless you happen to have the entire beauty counter of Selfridges in your bathroom, there’s a chance you might not have what you need for whichever mood your skin is in.  This is where we would recommend investing in a range that targets a number of different properties.  The Dior Capture Youth range (pictured) is a favourite of ours due to this.  Need glow? Got it. Need to be mattified? Got it.  It’s got your back whatever the weather, literally.

Check out some of our favourites below

Kiehls – Daily Reviving Concentrate 



Bobbi Brown – Remedies 



La Mer – The Renewal Oil 



Guerlain – Abeille Royale



Dior Capture Youth Range

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